Environmental information and awareness-raising are overarching objectives in Trenca. Knowledge, appreciation and esteem are necessary to achieve an environmentally respectful society, concerned about the responsible use of the environment and its conservation. Consequently, since the creation of the entity (1998), we have produced a lot of materials, we have conducted many activities and we have launched different projects along the lines of the environmental education.

The most important educational project of our Association, for its social impact as well as for its quality, was Fauna and Habitat (1999-2005). Getting advantage of the Wildlife Centre of Vallcalent facilities, visits were organized for pre-primary, elementary and secondary school students (and other groups) and curricular materials were produced for all ages

Another remarkable activity was, for five years, the organization of The White Stork Celebration (2001-2005) in the city of Lleida. A multitudinous, free and entertaining event at the Camps Elisis of Lleida, with the aim to involve younger children and adults in the respect for the wildlife and the environment in general.

Another very successful educational project was Storytellers at the Pyrenees (2001-2003), with the objective of raising social awareness on appreciation and conservation of the brown bear as a species of the Pyrenees mountains. Once again, all the material and the whole activity could be offered free of charge to schools and interested groups.

Regarding the current lines, Trenca’s work is focused on the production of materials and the organization of events and activities that have as their main objective the environmental dissemination and awareness. In addition, we are at the moment implementing a module with curricular teaching units for secondary and baccalaureate students.