Trenca’s friends are people with a particular interest in the functioning of the Association. They are –you are– our accomplices, a source of contacts and proposals, a great help to carry out many activities and also a financial support (from our collaborative friends). We share our ideals, the desire to build a more conscious and responsible to the planet society. Together we empower our entity.

Being a friend of Trenca is free. There are also collaborative friends, who contribute with a yearly fee of € 20. Both friends and collaborative friends receive the electronic newsletter from Trenca and are informed about the activities they can participate in. Besides, collaborative friends are invited to annual activities especially aimed to them and they are given a gift. Before, please contact us through:

The electronic newsletter from Trenca are the same news that we are posting on the website (in the section Activities and news), presented in a letter format. Thus, one does not need to visit the website frequently to be informed: people that have shown their interest and became friends receive information by e-mail on a timely basis (there is also the possibility of receiving the newsletter in Catalan, Castilian, Galician, Aranese or English).

Moreover, general communication with friends is complemented with the site we maintain on Facebook.

For any enquiry related to Trenca’s friends (participation in activities, updating of former children friends, collaborative friend fee, proposals, etc.), you can e-mail us to: