In parallel with projects and actions which aim at the environmental education and awareness, from Trenca we have published several books and stories about fauna and habitats that are aimed at education and environmental awareness. Dissemination is necessary to make the greatest number of people aware.

Bringing the animals life through a story book, not through a scientific or technical publication, allows the addressee to know in an entertaining way, listening to a story or getting involved in reading, the efforts made to preserve wildlife. Furthermore, the emotional involvement with a story that we read or we listened to can raise more awareness than the explanation or the reading of a sciences booklet, always colder and more objective.

For multiple reasons, Trenca has published story books on wildlife in Catalan, Castilian (Spanish), Basque, Galician, Aranese (Occitan) and Aragonese. Some of the versions are today out of print, but if you wish to give a nice present to someone you can still get some titles.

Some story books focused are animal stories based on real cases that were admitted to the Wildlife Centre of Vallcalent and on projects that are being carried out on endangered species also in the Centre.

Our Books and Stories Books

Patrimonis, mirades al món pirinenc

Bas J., Cerradelo S.

ISBN 9788461663477 Editorial (2013)

Hard cover / 296 x 293 mm. 143 pages

Donation: 45 €


“Patrimonis, mirades al món pirinenc” takes us to the Pyrenees mountains with the beauty of the images of the photographer Jordi Bas. A world of air and water, full of color and details. Very marked by cold and light. A world of action and looks. A world which is our heritage.

The book is divided into eight sections: air, water, color, details, cold, light, action and looks, and photographs are accompanied by short texts on informative occasions, others by way of reflection, even poetic in other cases, Silverio Cerradelo, recognized environmentalist and collaborator of Trenca.

The book contains 174 photographs of the heritage values (natural, scenic and cultural) of the Pyrenees.

Printed with great quality and with a very careful layout, the preparation of this book took more than two years, and the previous ten in order to achieve the pictures.

By means of this book Trenca association would like to spread Pyrenees’ natural and cultural wealth and also to raise awareness on it as a legacy that must be preserved.

Only the Catalan version has been published.

Fauna de les zones humides de Ponent

Donation: 10 €


Fauna de les zones humides de Ponent (Wetlands wildlife of the Lleida province) is aimed to children aged 9 – 12 years and to any person of any age that are sensitive with regard to the knowledge and conservation of nature. It shows us the biodiversity of the wetlands of the Lleida province, both in the plain and in the mid and high mountain, remarking the role played by the wetlands.

Documented with excellent photographs, offers us a wealth of information on Lleida (northeastern Spain) wetlands, their location in the territory, the different habitats and the species of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, invertebrates and plants that live there. It is intended for children, adolescents and adults.

Written by Teresa Baqueró and Vicente Ugidos, with illustrations by Daniel Olivera and Vicente Ugidos.

Photographs by Jaume Sañé, Félix Fernández, José Antonio Alba, Jordi Bas, Roger Eritja, Albert Gispert, J. R. Salas, Rubén Duro, Ferran Arumí y Francesc Puigdomenech.

La historia de Bavar y Kiwi

Donation: 6 €


“La historia de Bavar y Kiwi, los osos del hospital de fauna de Vallcalent” (Spanish version) or “La història de la Bavar i en Kiwi, els óssos de l’hospital de fauna de Vallcalent” (Catalan version) is based on the real story of two brown bear cubs, one of them born in the wild and the other one born in a zoo, that for various reasons were admitted to the Wildlife Centre of Vallcalent. Through their lifes, we know the difficulties they faced to survive.

Written by Silverio Cerradelo, with illustrations by Daniel Olivera.

The story book was published at once in the five languages spoken in the Spanish Pyrenees: Aragonese, Aranese (Occitan), Basque, Castilian (Spanish) and Catalan, so that it could be used as a tool for those languages learning in schools. In addition, by courtesy of Pagès publishing house, an edition in Galician was made, that was sent to Galicia educational centres.

You can find more information in the section of this website Storytellers at the Pyrenees dedicated to environmental awareness.

En Punxet, l´eriçó

Donation: 8 €


En Punxet, l’eriçó is an environmental awareness tool aimed to childrem from 1 to 6 years old, as well as parents and educators.

It bring us to the life of Punxet, the hedgehog, through the experience of Maria, that goes into the forest.

It combines illustrations and photographs.

Written by Teresa Baqueró, with illustrations by Carlos Enríquez and photographs by Jordi Bas.

Gina, el caganiu de Vallcalent

Donation: 8 €


Gina, el caganiu de Vallcalent introduces us to the experience of the smaller chicks in nests of white storks, “caganiu” is the last chick in a nest.

This story books is aimed at children aged 1 – 6 years and also to parents and teachers that are specially interested in environmental education.

It talks about the white stork life and the care provided in the Centre of Vallcalent to the smallest and weakest chicks of the nests. Sometimes, as is the case of Gina, those chicks cannot compete with their brothers, bigger and stronger, that quicker lift their heads and open their beaks to get food from their parents

Written by Teresa Baqueró, with photographs by Jordi Clariana and Albert Gispert.

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