The extra virgin olive oil Salvatge (Wild), olive oil from the wildlife reserves, is obtained from centuries-old arbequino olive trees. It is organically made, hand-picked, cold pressed earlier than 12 hours following harvest and decanted (not filtered). Thus we get an extraordinary high-quality product, with acidity of less than 0,2º.

Thanks to this type of production, we obtain a grass-green oil, very typical of young oil, with an intense fruity smell. The palate sensation is sweet, with a light touch of herbal and spicy towards the end.

The organic extra virgin olive oil Salvatge is, thanks to its low acidity and excellent quality, the ideal oil for those who care about having a healthy and responsible diet.

The cultivation of these centennial olive trees is done following the rules of organic farming. No type of mineral fertilizer or any treatment with products not allowed by the Catalan Council of Organic Production (Consell Català de la Producció Agraria Ecològica – CCPAE) is used.

All Salvatge olive oils are certified by the European Commission for Organic Agriculture, guaranteeing that the oil comes from our olives and does not contain pesticides or other harmful components for health and the environment.

The ecological certification guarantees that the products have been produced or elaborated following the norms of organic farming, and that they have been controlled throughout their production, processing, packaging and marketing process.

All this makes Salvatge a product of quality, closeness and very concerned about respect for its environment.

In the farms where Oli Salvatge is produced, the centenary olive trees are respected. That is why no tractors or machinery enter and the collection process is done through donkeys.

The sustainable development project in Les Garrigues (Lleida)

Salvaje olive oil comes from the farms that Trenca manages in Vall Major de Bovera (Les Garrigues region, Lleida). The production of Salvatge is linked to the project Mountain olive grove and biodiversity. All the benefits of the commercialization of this oil are destined to the following actions of the project:

  • Recovery of abandoned centuries-old olive groves that now are producing through organic agriculture
  • Vegetation conservation and forest fire prevention (cleaning, clearing and pruning)
  • Actions to enhance the fauna of the Mediterranean ecosystem
  • Restoration of dry stone cabins, margins, cisterns and walls

The dissemination of the project and the marketing of the product

The oil is made with the interest to preserve and improve the natural, cultural, agrarian and landscape heritage of the area. In its different presentations, Salvatge is mostly sold in stores and restaurants. The dissemination of the project and sale is also done in fairs and exhibitions.

The Salvatge oil can be obtained in different formats and measures: glass bottle of 250 cc and 500 cc, and can of 250 cc and 3 liters. Packaging designed for own consumption, for use in restaurant tables, or as a gift from a company or individual. Can be purchased with MDF box (made from recycled wood fibres and recycled cardboard ) or without box.

The clean image, with labels illustrated by Toni Llobet, Catalan artist and naturalist, show different animals from the farms of Les Garrigues, in Vall Major de Bovera where the Salvatge oil is produced.

With Salvatge we intend to spread a respect for nature and our environment..

Get our oil olive with social and ecological soul!

Salvatge ecological extra virgin olive oil 500 ml & 250 ml bottles

500 ml Bottle Price: 11,00 €

250 ml Bottle Price: 6,45 €


Salvatge ecological extra virgin olive oil 3 liters & 250 ml cans

3 lt Cans Price: 35,00 €

250 ml Cans Price: 6,00 €


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salvatge 100% of the Arbequina variety. VAT included. Ecological certificate CCPAE.