The project will focus on environmental services in forest ecosystems of the Vall Major de Bovera in the area of Les Garrigues in Lleida.

Bovera’s Great Valley is an area of arid climate with a big range of temperature changes and very little rainfall where forest ecosystems and plant community coexist with the traditional human activity that is bound to countryside and agriculture.

Tradicional wáter containing method. Aljib (typical arabian constructions). © Albert Gispert

It is for all of these reasons that Trenca association thinks necessary an environmental sensitivity campaign which allows people to get to know the values associated to forests and the vital importance for human kind of the existence of water dots in dry land.

Serra de Matalescabres. Bovera. Les Garrigues. Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) forest. © Jordi Bas

The main objective of this new project is to raise awareness and get to know the benefits of forestry ecosystems in general and in particular that of old, mature forests and inland aquatic ecosystems.

For this reason we will put at teachers and pupils service and interactive web with free access where we will work on different curricular contents both for primary and secondary schools, we give to regional groups the opportunity of rediscovering the region’s charms and we will help RSC enterprisesdiscover all the richness and magic of this special region by involving them in its preservation!

School visit to Trenca’s property in ‘La Vall Major de Bovera’. © Trenca

Descobreix Bovera project has been conducted with the collaboration of Naturaleza Rural Association (Association of residents and owners of Castanesa) and with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Department de Territori i Sostenibilitat).

For further information on this project please check the webpage or the section Discover Bovera on this website.