By mid-November, olives were picked up in Les Garrigues, at the agricultural estates managed by Trenca under the sustainable agri-environmental development project.

Analysis of this olive oil have already been done: it came out excellent.

Under the sustainable agri-environmental development project, at the estates managed by Trenca in the regional district of Les Garrigues (Lleida), olives were picked up by mid-November. The yield has been between 12-15%, that is to say, from every 100 kg of olives 12-15 litres of oil have been extracted.

The same procedure as last year: olives have been cold pressed earlier than 12 hours following harvest, and then decanted (not filtered). A very green and aromatic, excellent quality olive oil has been obtained. Acidity of Salvatge olive oil varies this year between 0,12 % and 0,15 % , which is very good, even lower than a year ago. (Acidity is an indication of an oil’s fatty acid content and an indicator of its quality as well.) Laboratory technicians have advised us to take it to contests.

Furthermore, a large part of the states in which the olives are produced are in the last year of their process of conversion to organic farming, and Salvatge extra virgen olive oil can already wear the label from the CCPAE (Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica / Catalan Council of Organic Farming Production) with the certification of being “produït en conversió a l’agricultura ecològica / produced under conversion to organic farming”. Besides, one of the estates has already finished the conversion process, and so we have got a part of the production certified as organic (with the label “Agricultura UE. Oli Ecològic / EU Agriculture. Organic Olive Oil”).