On Tuesday April 28 will be held in Lleida the Conference on Land Stewardship Agreements, and Trenca association will present its project for sustainable agrí-environmental development in Les Garrigues area.

The Trenca Association is responsible for an innovative project for sustainable agri-environmental development launched in the region of Les Garrigues, in the province of Lleida. It is in this area where the Association proposes to combine the conservation of landscape, natural and cultural heritage, economic profitability of agricultural farms through land stewardship.

Les Garrigues. Vall Major de Bovera’ valley. © Trenca

For further information on the seminar you can access to Seminar on Land Stewardship Agreement

For further information on the project of agrí-environmental development of Trenca you can visit the Sustainable Agri-environmental Development of Les Garrigues in this web section.