The prize has been awarded by the Patronat Fira de Les Garrigues.

Last January 17, coinciding with the 53th Fira d’Oli Qualitat Verge Extra i Les Garrigues held in Les Borgues Blanques, the Trenca association received from the president of the Consell Comarcal de Les Garrigues, Mr. Antoni Villas i Miranda, the ‘best business and cultural initiative award’.

The award is a recognition to the project of Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues  that the association Trenca carried out since 2011 in the region of Les Garrigues.

From Trenca we are very grateful for this award that encourage us more in our projects and motivations.

For further information on the project please check the section Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues on this website.