Last June 5th, Trenca was given the “Premi Plusfresc al Medi Ambient 2012” for a project consisting of a social action in order to clean and recover different points of the Segre river where illegal dumpings have occurred. River cleaning tasks will be carried out in December.

Environmental recovery of different stretches of the Segre river through removing waste materials with volunteers is the name of the Trenca’s project. It was selected for the call We want to help our natural areas organized by the chain of supermarkets Plusfresc along with IPCENA Association.

Afterwards, among all the selected projects, Plusfresc clients chose the one that they thought was better reflecting the aim of the call. With 124 votes, our project was the most appreciated.

The Premi Plusfresc al Medi Ambient 2012 was picked up by Manel Badía on behalf of Trenca last June 5th, the official date of the World Environment Day. We were given a picture by Edgar dos Santos, a diploma that dertifies the award and a funding to carry out the cleaning tasks of the Segre river with volunteers.

The cleaning tasks of the river are due to be done in December, and the meeting point will be Seròs. We will inform you in detail as we get closer to the day.