A new donkey foal is born in the farms where Salvatge olive oil is produced. In total, there are 13 now. Donkeys are used for the sustainable agri-environmental management of the project.

Donkeys had disappeared from the municipality of Bovera (Les Garrigues regional district) almst 20 years ago. At present there are a total of 13 donkeys (3 males, 8 jennies and 2 donkey foals) in the agricultural estates where Salvatge olive oil is produced. These donkeys help in getting a sustainable and environmental management of the area, as they eat weeds and their droppings are a source of organic fertilizer. Moreover, they are a way of minimize the production of CO2 (we do not use any machine for mowing the grass). They are not in a specific farm, but they are distributed among the different local farms that have signed land stewardship agreements with Trenca to participate in the project.

Donkeys in the farms of Les Garrigues. © Trenca

You can find further information on the section Sustainable Agri-environmental Development in Les Garrigues and on the section videos in this website.


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