Farmers from Bovera (Les Garrigues) involved in the project of the Salvatge olive oil production. ©Trenca

This year the olive oil  production has been 6.000 litres within the project Sustainable Agri-environmental Development in Les Garrigues: 50% organic and 50% in conversion to organic. In 2014 the whole olive harvest will be organic.

This year olives harvesting from Trenca’s project has been one of the earliest in Catalonia, in order to get a better quality. We started by the end of October and continued during November. Olive oil acidity has been always less than 0,2 % (between 0,1 and 0,2), a very good value. It came out with a grass greenesh color, very characteristic of a young olive oil, with an intense fruity aroma.

Olives already ripe. ©Trenca












Currently, a part of the agricultural estates are already making organic production, and the other part, in its last year of conversion to organic production farming. Next year, the whole Salvatge olive oil production will be certified as organic.

Illustration of a Little Owl on one of the labels of Salvatge olive oil, made by Toni Llobet. ©Trenca


During 2013 we gave an impetus to the development of our sales network if we compare it to 2012. Besides, at present Salvatge olive oil comes only in 500 cc bottles, a perfect item to make a business or a particular gift. Throughout 2014 we will start to sell Salvatge also in a 250 cc bottles, 3 litres cans and 250 cc cans, more appropriate for the own consumption. Profits from the sale of Salvatge extra virgin olive oil are earmarked for the maintenance of the project in Les Garrigues.



For further information on this project, please check the section Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues on this website. And about Trenca’s olive oil, please check the section Salvatge (Wild), olive oil from the wildlife reserves.


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