Wildlife video recording. © Trenca

Throughout 2014, the audiovisual production company XATRACfilms is recording a video about Trenca. Besides, we are organizing together a workshop on video recording, on the weekend of Nov. 22 – 23.



XATRACfilms video about Trenca

During 2014, the XATRACfilms team has been with us at several moments to record images of the activities and projects of our association. This collaboration started as a result of a Marketplace, within the Tàndem programme, that creates contacts and promotes synergies between companies and environmental and social organizations. It is an exchange agreement between Trenca and XATRACfilms: the company records a video on our entity and it gets our assisment regarding environmental issues. At the beginning of 2015, we hope to have already this video on Trenca’s website.

Last July, recording during the lesser grey shrike breeding season. © Trenca

Last June, recording while marking a black vulture chick. © Trenca


Introduction to video recording workshop (Lleida, 22 and 23 November)

Intensive 15 hours workshop, specially intended to:

.-Wildlife and trips videos

.-Videos for entities, associations and organizations

.-Photographers that would like to explore the world of the video



It is advisable to bring photo or video camera. Very interesting to bring a tripod.

.-Small group (between 3 and 8 people).

.-Training from the ground up. Previous notions are not neeed.

.-Adapted to the thematic needs of the students.

.-To record with photo camera or with video camera.

.-Usual problems and advises.

.-Aim: to get a technical basis in order to take maximum advantage of our equipment.

.-To know working dynamics from the beginning of the conception of the video until the video recording.

.-To know techniques, tendencies, materials and resources to make a quality recording work.

.-To work on the view of the cameraman/camerawoman, the photography and the audiovisual language.


Wildlife video recording  by Jep Cunill (XATRACfilms). © Trenca

XATRACfilms is an audiovisual production company created in 2005, specialised in videos for companies, entities and government management departments. It produces videos in several formats, such as the documentary, the report and the video for the Internet (its website: XATRACfilms).


Wildlife video recording  by Jep Cunill (XATRACfilms). © Trenca

Jep Cunill (teacher of the 22-23 November workshop), fundador de XATRACfilms, have been workin for bothe the public and private audiovisual sector for 25 years, como operador de imagen. He also teaches lessons about video at the Universitat de Barcelona as well as audiovisual recording and production workshops.


From Trenca’s team, we want to use this new to thank to XATRACfilms for its involvement with our association.

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