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Trenca is participating this year of the Marxa Popular del Segrià, that will be held on next Sunday. A 20 Km itinerary full of nature, for runners and walkers of all ages. You are still on time to register!

This is a non-competitive march. We have plenty of time to walk smoothly and to enjoy nature. It is a good occasion to bring a camera or a binoculars with us.

At the first stretch of the itineray, by the green path footbridge and in the Tòfol’s poplar gove, there will be volunteers with a couple of telescopes, just in case you wish to have a closer look to the ducks and other birds of the Segre river.

Along the path you will find several snack and water provisioning points, with places where you can leave your garbage.

Be particularly careful while passing through the Alfés protected area. Many birds will be nesting and, despite of not watching them, they will have their nests nearby. It is a rule of this march that nobody shall go out of the path that is boundering the Alfés thyme field or go into it.

At the end of the path, by the river, it will easier to have accumulations of waste (sandwiches, drinks… provided by the organización). Let’s give a hand or let’s facilitate the selective collection of plastic, paper and organic material to the people that collaborate with the organization of the march.

© Trenca


On Friday 12, a group of volunteers cleaned up several points of the itinerary. The container was leaving the area loaded with over 2 000 Kg of rubble and waste.

We encourage you to discover the natural environment of the Marxa Popular del Segrià!  On Trenca’s website you can find further general información about this march. Also on the Marxa Popular del Segrià own web: http://www.km0.cat/marxa/.

You can pick up your accreditation, your glass and the march guide on this Saturday 13 at Sant Joan square to 17:00 h to 20:00 h or on Sunday 14 a la salida from 7:00 to 8:30 am.


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