The Obrador del Molí is an enterprise initiative that makes craft and high quality breads and recover traditional breads. Within the philosophy of their project, they collaborate with Trenca making a bread with our olive oil.

Salvatge oilve oil bread. © L’Obrador del Molí

Salvatge (Wild) olive oil bread is made by the Obrador del Molí with organic wheat flour ground by millstone, natural yeast dough and extra virgin olive oil Salvatge (organic too). From Trenca, we thank to the Obrador del Molí its involvement with our association and the environmental project of Les Garrigues.

The Obrador del Molí makes all its bread in a traditional way and always uses organic products.

© Trenca

We encourage you to taste it and also to come to know in situ the project Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues as by bying one the Salvatge olive oil bread you can visit the agricultural estates managed by Trenca and to taste our olive oil. Keep your receipt (you must take it with you on the visit day) and enter in, and go to “contact us” to register.

Project: “Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues” (Lleida).

© Trenca

For further information on the Trenca’s olive oil, please check the section Salvatge (Wild), olive oil from the wildlife reserves.

To find the Salvatge olive oil bread (at the backeries of the Obrador del Molí, in Barcelona and Sabadell), please check here.

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