This seminar will be held on next Saturdays 15 and 22 March, at the Ecomuseu Farinera in Castelló d’Empúries. It is organized by IAEDEN and GOB Menorca.



The III Seminari d’Agricultura i Medi Ambient (Third Seminar on Agriculture and Environment) is a meeting place for those working and interested in the agricultural sector, because of its economical activity as much as its relationship with landscape, natural resources and biodiversity.


This year initiatives that get the farm viability incorporating the biodiversity of the environment will be presented, as well as tools or strategies to improve the differential marqueting of the products. Here you can find the programme.

Registration is free but mandatory. Further information and registrations thorugh the email agroterritori@iaeden.cat or on the website http://agroterritori-iaeden.blogspot.com.es/

Trenca will be participating on Saturday 22, at 10:00, presenting the project sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues and the production of Salvatge olive oil.

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