We need you to restore native wildlife like the Lesser Grey Shrike or the Black Vulture, protect the threatened landscapes of the Mediterranean, and to keep on developing innovative conservation projects.

Trenca is an independent organization and our energy comes from all the people who, just like yourself, believe in a world where people live in harmony with nature. Your support will directly fund our projects and our conservation efforts.

Select the amount and the form of your collaboration. Donations in Spain are tax deductible up to 75% (Learn more)

If you give to Fundación Trenca, you can get some fiscal benefits in Spain.

  • If you donate up to 150€ per year, you get 75% of tax allowance.
  • If you donate more than 150€ per year, you get 30% of tax allowance if it’s the first year you give to Trenca, and 35% afterwards.

We cannot do it by ourselves – but together it’s posssible

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