On November 11 Trenca Association signed a new land stewardship agreement for the environmental improvement of some vineyard properties in the municipality of Lleida and Alcarràs.

The objective of the agreement is the implementation of improvement of habitats of community interest that are among the vineyards to improve the capacity of wildlife in these areas.

The agreement aims to support the agricultural activity of the farms and the current use of the land with the conservation of the natural, landscape and heritage elements.

The surface of these farms covers 300 has. © Trenca.

The land stewardship is a strategy to involve persons owning and users of lands in the conservation of nature and the landscape, with the support of a wide range of civil society actors. These voluntary agreements between the owners and users of farms, and custody institutions, try to maintain or restore the values related to the nature and the landscape.

Trenca Association is an entity of stewardship, Member of the Land Stewardship Network and is actively involved in the conservation of the natural heritage and landscape.