Throughout this school year, and as a second consecutive year, the Rural Nature Association, with the support of the Trenca Association, will impart several talks in Huesca’s schools, with the aim of disseminate the Reintroduction Project of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees.

Anna Vives, our educator, will impart workshops to learn about the four European vultures: Bearded, Black, Griffon and Egyptian.

During the workshop, trough the manipulation and experimentation, the children will build together the identity of each of the four species, discovering step by step, aspects of their physical features (feathers), bredding biology (eggs), feeding behaviour (pellets) and their conservation problems (rings).

The workshop lasts between one and a half and two hours, and ends with a gift: a nice tail about vultures, edited by Trenca, that will remain in the school’s library.

During the last year, we visited 20 schools, reaching 653 children! it was been a great experience for us!

If you would like that we visit perform a this workshop in your school, please get in touch with us trough info[@]