It has been during the last days of cctober when we have realized the harvest of our ecological oil in the farms of the sustainable agri-environmental development project in Les Garrigues.

Olives of arbequina variety with wich we produce our ecologic oil.© Trenca

This year, the strong heat suffered in May and the greatly extended drought have done that the production has diminished considerably in comparison with previous years. Have been 4500 liters of oil that we have been able to gather from the harvest of this year in comparison with the 6200 liters of the previous harvest.

Despite all we have harvested very soon (in late October) in order to achieve our distinctive green, highly aromatic and unique flavor oil.

Therefore, one year more, we have nurtured and pampered the tree and olives (handmade and handcrafted) so that they suffer the least possible damage and get as well a good oil that we have sent to taste and to analyze.

For further information on the project which is behind the Salvatge olive oil, please check the section Sustainable agri-environmental development in Les Garrigues on this website. And more specifically about Trenca’s olive oil, how to make a company order or where to find it on sale, please check the section Salvatge (Wild), olive oil from the wildlife reserves.

Properties when we produce our ecologic oil in Les Garrigues.© Trenca