On 9 May we have started the maintenance works of the trees planted and habitat improvement actions carried out last winter in the agricultural estate of Torre-ribera (Mas de Melons-Alfés SPA).

This last winter Trenca made a series of actions to preserve and to improve the habitat in the estate of Torre-ribera, located in the Segrià regional district, in agreement with the owners.

On 9 May we have just started a group of maintenance and planning actions, that will have an effect on the environmental conservation of this estate:

● trees watering

● specific canal cleaning

● weed elimination

● fallow land surface planning

The main feature of this estate, of 540 ha., unlike adjacent lands,  is that no land reparcelling has been done, or scarcely, so that field borders are kept. Besides, large trees (plane trees, poplars, ashes, etc.) are also kept along by the roads and canals as well as  small woodlands.

161 species of  birs have been in this state, 70 of which are breeding species.

Stone-curlew chick. © Jose Guerra / Trenca