On the last days of October and the first days of November, the olives from the agricultural estates of the sustainable agri-environmental development project in Les Garrigues were harvested.  This is the first year that the whole production has been organic.

As usual, Salvatge olive oil has got a grass greenesh color, very characteristic of a young oilve oil, with an intense fruity aroma and very good parameters regarding composition and acidity.

At the mill, filling up the 3 l. cans of Salvatge olive oil. © Trenca

Currently, all the agricultural estates are already making organic production (last year, some of them were still  in conversion to organic production farming).

During 2014 we gave an even greater impetus to our sales network if we compare it to 2013. Besides, at present Salvatge extra virgin olive oil comes in 500 cc bottles, 250 cc bottles and in 3 litres and 250 cc cans. Profits from the sale of Salvatge olive oil are earmarked for the maintenance of the project in Les Garrigues.