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Trenca, as commissioned by the DAAM (Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació and Medi Natural) has been carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks on White Stork nests in the regional districts in the province of Lleida.

These actions are reducing the volumes of those nests that have become very big, cleaning of roofs and buildings where white storks place their nests (chimneys, silos, bell towers), dismantling nests when their location is not the ideal and putting new nests on the right places.

All these works are carried out during the Autumn-Winter period. These actions are done not because the White Stork is an endangered species but because in this way we can achieve a great cohabitation between storks and humans.


Placing new nests. © Trenca

Crane used to reach the nests. © Trenca








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