The four species of European vultures (Bearded, Egyptian, Black and Griffon vultures) have been recently photographied in two of the three Supplementary Feeding Points (SFP) managed by Trenca.

Every point has its own characteristics and so that the use by scavenger species is also different. The most used by the four species are both Cal Roger SFP (Alt Urgell) and Siall SFP (Pallars Jussà), because of being located close to bearded vultures breeding territories. The one used by more black vultures is Siall SFP, due to be near the NHR of Boumort, where the reintroduction of the species in Catalonia is being carried out. Nevertheless black vultures are observed regularly at the other two SFPs. Cal Sardà SFP (Solsonès-Alt Urgell) is the most used by egyptian vultures.

We have to keep in mind that the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees is the only place in Western Europe holding breeding populations of the four vultures species.







 Black vulture at Siall                                                                                Lammergeier at Cal Roger








Black and Egyptian  vulture at  Cal Roger                                                                   Egyptian and Griffon vultures at Cal Sardà

Furthermore, French vultures have been recorded, both Griffon and Black, identified by their white PVC rings, in all SFP. This important fact helps to corroborate that the connection between the French and the Iberian populations is alreadly a reality, being one of the most important goals of the project.

Other scavenger species also use the SFPs: Raven, Red Kite, Black Kite and Golden Eagle.

                                                         Black vulture at Siall

For further information on this project, please check the section Supplementary feeding points (SFP) for scavenger raptors the Pyrenees on this website.

The SPF (Supplementary Feeding Points) network project from Trenca Association has set up three sites in the Pre-Pyrenees and Pyrenees of Lleida where scavenger birds of prey can find food in a safe way. The SFPs aim is to ease the lack of food for all these species, which are key to the ecological balance of ecosystems, reinforcing the availability of food for these birds in the Pyrenees. Besides, the operating of the three SFP is directly related to the reintroduction of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees.