WWF and Trenca have established a strategic alliance for this critically endangered species

WWF and the Association TRENCA have established a strategic alliance to prevent extinction in Spain of the more threatened vertebrate, of which there are only a couple of nesting pairs. This collaboration is focused on technical advice, the search for financial support and the dissemination of the achievements of the project for the conservation of the lesser grey shrike. The Association TRENCA takes several years working in the conservation of the species through the protection of the last pairs and the conservation of their breeding areas, and in the strengthening of the population through an ambitious program of captive breeding and its subsequent release to the chicks. This year have been released 102 young lesser grey shrikes that we hope will contribute to increase the small population of the species

For more information about this news check the web wwf.es.

The project for the conservation of the lesser grey shrike is an initiative promoted by the Departament of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment of the Autonomic Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya). Both the Wildlife Centre of Vallcalent (Department of Agriculture) and the Zoo of Barcelona carry out the ex situ conservation programme, that is, outside the natural habitat. Trenca Association is responsible for doing the in situ conservation work, on the field (habitat management, wild population monitoring, predators control in the breeding area, reintroduction of individuals, etc.) as well as bringing more staff to support the captive breeding centre during the breeding season. To carry out the in situ actions, a land stewardship agreement has been signed with land owners. The project is further supported, financially and logistically, by public and private entities.

For further information on this project please check the section Conservation of the Lesser Grey Shrike (Lanius minor) in Spain on Trenca’s website.