• The Lesser Grey Shrike, a species of near-extinction in the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Olive groves and biodiversity in Les Garrigues (Lleida).
  • Black Vulture reintroduction in the Pyrenees.
  • ‘Descobreix Bovera!’ educational project.
  • Action and conservation plan for the White Stork.
  • SFP network (Supplementary Feeding Points).
  • Land stewardship.
  • Salvatge, olive oil from the wildlife reserves.
  • Genetic reserve and captive breeding for the Hermann’s tortoise.


Activities and news

A extraordinary season for the Lesser Grey Shrike!

It is an excellent season for the Lesser Grey Shrike in Catalonia (NE Spain) with up to 19 different individuals that have returned from Africa so far. That means an important goal for the Conservation Project as we should go back more than 10 years to find such a high number of this
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An informant in the Thyme of Alfés

The Association Trenca, through Employment Service of Catalonia, has hired a person responsible for reporting on the characteristics of the Thyme of Alfés.
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The pairs of black vulture of the Catalonian Pyrenees are ready!

The breeding season in the Pyrenees has begun with 14 pairs formed and 11 of them incubating.
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