• The Lesser Grey Shrike, a species of near-extinction in the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Olive groves and biodiversity in Les Garrigues (Lleida).
  • Black Vulture reintroduction in the Pyrenees.
  • ‘Descobreix Bovera!’ educational project.
  • Action and conservation plan for the White Stork.
  • SFP network (Supplementary Feeding Points).
  • Land stewardship.
  • Salvatge, olive oil from the wildlife reserves.
  • Genetic reserve and captive breeding for the Hermann’s tortoise.


Activities and news

A new season of environmental education and workshops has just begun!

Throughout this school year, and as a second consecutive year, the Rural Nature Association, with the support of the Trenca Association, will impart several talks in Huesca’s schools, with the aim of disseminate the Reintroduction Project of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees. An
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The Hermann’s Tortoise breeds again a Les Garrigues!

For the second consecutive year, the Hermann’s Tortoise has bred in the Vall Major of Bovera (SW Catalonia), thanks to the Reinforcement Project carried out in the area by CRARC (Catalonian Amphibians and Reptiles Recovery Center) in collaboration with the Trenca NGO. We have great ne
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Releasing Mediterranean Turtles.

Last Saturday we organized an opened doors day to show our  “Mountain Olive Plantation” Project and release Mediterranean Turtles. We did enjoy a wonderful day in this typical Mediterranean environment, always accompanied by donkeys (our ecological mower) that delighted ch
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